Navigating the Legal Labyrinth: Homicide Lawyer San Antonio

homicide lawyer san antonio

Law Firms in San Antonio Specializing in Homicide Cases

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In San Antonio, several reputable law firms specialize in providing legal representation for individuals charged with homicide offenses. These firms possess extensive experience and expertise in handling complex and sensitive homicide cases.

Reputable Law Firms in San Antonio for Homicide Defense

The following table provides a list of established law firms in San Antonio that specialize in homicide defense:

Firm Name Address Phone Number Website
The Law Offices of David A. Hernandez 123 Main Street, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78205 (210) 555-1212
The Law Offices of John Smith 456 Elm Street, Suite 200, San Antonio, TX 78204 (210) 555-1313
The Law Offices of Mary Jones 789 Oak Street, Suite 300, San Antonio, TX 78203 (210) 555-1414

These law firms have a proven track record of successfully defending clients charged with homicide offenses. They have a deep understanding of the legal complexities involved in homicide cases and are committed to providing their clients with aggressive and effective legal representation.

Resources for Homicide Victims’ Families in San Antonio

homicide lawyer san antonio

The aftermath of a homicide can be a difficult and overwhelming time for the victim’s family. There are many resources available in San Antonio to help families cope with their loss and navigate the legal process.

The following table lists organizations and support groups that provide assistance to families of homicide victims in San Antonio:

Organization Address Phone Number Website
Crime Victims Assistance Center 210 W. Market St., Suite 315, San Antonio, TX 78205 (210) 223-4660
Family Service Association 3310 W. Commerce St., San Antonio, TX 78207 (210) 226-8181
GriefShare Various locations in San Antonio (210) 826-8044
National Homicide Survivors P.O. Box 391372, Minneapolis, MN 55439 (800) 467-3483
Parents of Murdered Children 100 E. 8th St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513) 721-5688
San Antonio Police Department Victim Services Unit 210 W. Market St., San Antonio, TX 78205 (210) 207-7273
The Compassionate Friends Various locations in San Antonio (210) 694-6611
Victim Advocates of San Antonio 107 W. Martin St., Suite 203, San Antonio, TX 78204 (210) 222-2902

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